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Putting a Global Spotlight on UTMB’s Galveston Health in All Policies Project

The Galveston Health in All Policies Project (GHiAP), an NIH-funded initiative led by UTMB’s Lexi Nolen, Ph.D., Director, Center to Eliminate Health Disparities, is addressing a number of long-existing issues affecting Galveston’s health, including concentrated poverty, dilapidated housing, outdated neighborhood plans, deteriorating infrastructure and lack of economic development.

In coordination with UTMB Public Affairs, gabbegroup worked closely with PBS NewsHour over four months to craft a nearly 10-minute feature on the project and Galveston’s ongoing recovery. The segment was extended online via blogs, a slideshow and video segments.

The feature broadcast segment and related online content were reflective of the full engagement of the Galveston community in GHiAP and city’s recovery efforts. Interviews included a diverse range of key constituents – policy, business and community leaders and average citizens.

Dr. Nolen reported an increase in inquiries regarding the GHiAP program within hours of broadcast. In the week following broadcast, reach of coverage was further expanded through social/online media channels, including the PBS NewsHour website, Facebook and Twitter.

By way of background, approximately 2.7 million people watch PBS NewsHour each weeknight, with more than 8 million viewers watching at least one night per week. Its website receives more than 4.6 million visitors per month. In addition, the program airs internationally, in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa.

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